Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cal Jennings
Mr. Harding
Block 4

"The American Dream"

   "The American Dream" can basically be summarized into a quick scenario of events. To live in a single family home with three bedrooms, to have a couple of children, a nice car in the front driveway, a dog that runs around out front, and a hardworking father and stay at home mother. That's what the "American Dream" is all about now at least, back in the rise of industrial america era where people were starting to explore west, the "American Dream" then was, to have a horse and wagon, be able to make it across the mid-west, and to start a farm, and live off your land. I agree that there is such thing as an "American Dream" but it also depends on the person. To some people it is to live a long wealthy live, and to some it is to just make it here in america in the first place. I chose this theme because it is relevant in every Americans mind.


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